Oli Mayor (olifhar) wrote,
Oli Mayor

About - How I plan to use this space [2019 March 05]

I want to come back to this space as a place to write up my thoughts on things. In the past, I've mostly used blogging as an emotional outlet, but I never really made use of its potential as a thinking-place.

In the past, sometimes I put too much weight on wanting to make something valuable for an audience as soon as possible. It became all or nothing, and the majority of the time it has been nothing. Other times I worried about shouting into a crowd asking for help, but with no one really responding.

I think I'm okay using this place just to document thoughts, without much judgement. And without an expectation of support. These platforms have declined in popularity over recent years, and I no longer really look for comments.

As I've gotten older, I've also learned that while it's really useful to write down some thoughts as they happen, it's also useful not to draw conclusions until you've worked through things a little bit more. Even if I want to discuss things with people, sometimes it's best to think about it a bit more myself.

I'll also spend less time providing life updates. I now feel it's better to just do that explicitly with the people I care about. Maybe there's some value in keeping my extended sphere vaguely in the loop, but that's not what I'm aiming for here.

I also plan to use the relatively unpolished quality of my writing here as a benefit. It's just another place on the internet, and I don't plan to link it in any portfolio or any site. If someone finds their way here, I really doubt they will be interested in staying to form a positive or negative.

In other words, I plan to use this space to think through things, and to occasionally forward that thought process to friends for comment or further discussion. So I will write first for myself, then for other people.
Tags: meta, writing
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