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PUZZLE Book 2 Session 17 (immediate recap)
We had Session 17 of PUZZLE Book 2 tonight.

During the beginning of the session, we recapped the three separate winter sessions.

Then the action resumed with the party in Carnivale just outside the casino. They had just heard the laughter of the creature known as the Banshee. Jova, the Half-Orc mercenary/hunter, was with them.

The party observed the Banshee at first and exchanged information. Ever tried to see if he could reenter the Casino, but the entrance of the Casino seemed to be strangely missing. The Banshee seemed to take some kind of interest in Jova.

She exclaimed gleefully, "I found him!" She began to slowly draw nearer to Jova and the party, or rather, the space between her and the party seemed to shrink.

She asked Jova, "What is your name?"

The bansee repeatedly asks what Jova's name is.

At this point the party squared off against the Banshee, assuming it was now targeting Jova the same way it had targeted Darastiya. Kyu tells the announced that their objective was to protect Jova and any bystanders. KU-RO moved to stand between Jova and the Banshee. Eross fired.

Vorossus was on all fours. It was alert seemed to be switching between looking at the banshee, Kyu, and Jova.

Eross' bolt hit the Banshee in the shoulder. She shrieked, became sad, and suddenly grew in size.

The banshee said, "I thought... you were going to be nice..." She pauses as if listening to music that only she can hear. The fog expands, and dull brass ramparts rise around them, sealing off the area around the group.

The banshee looked at Eross, grabbed the crossbow bolt. She pulled it through her throat and discarded it.

Small metallic arms came up from the ground and grabbed Eross, pulling him into the earth up to his knees. Dozens of these tiny hands crawled over him.

Ever tried to use his vines to pull Eross, along with the hands, out of the ground. KU-RO used a brilliant beacon on Eross, seemingly disabling the hands. He then pulled Eross towards him.

Both KU-RO and Kyu tried to ascertain if they were in a dream. Octlet's device that detected if they were in a dream was going off. But they figured out that although the area was in a dreamlike state, they were not not actually in a dream.

Not immediately informing him what was going on, Kyu launched a plan to put himself, Eross, and Ever to sleep and then to join Ever. He was going to try to put everyone to sleep with a sleep spell, when KU-RO asked if Eross had any sleepytime bolts. Eross didn't know if he did, and hadn't marked them anyway.

The banshee's gaze kept going around, but mostly fixated on Jova and sometimes Vorossus.

Jova seemed unnerved by the Banshee and confused about what was going on. KU-RO explained some of the plan, and it looked like Jova was still confused. Jova moves Vorossus in front of him and says that he will fight. Whenever Jova and the Banshee make eye contact, the Banshee seems joyful, and asks.

Ever asked KU-RO to ask Jova if he'd seen anything like this. Jova replies that he has no memories of anything like this, but that he does not have many memories in general.

The walls, meanwhile, seemed to be closing in. The banshee looks around and tells them and disappointedly says, "I thought we would be friends..."

The banshee took notice of Ever's golem, exclaiming, "A toy! A toy!"

Ever took out his frog, and the banshee's detached face came to look at the frog.

Eross was about to shoot the face, but Kyu cried out and begged him to stick with the plan. Eross decided to shoot bolts at random at his teammates in hopes that the bolts he chose would be sleepytime bolts. He succeeded in putting the Stranger to sleep. The Stranger began to do his sleep-dancing/jumping. Eross then spent an extra action to put Ever to sleep. He shot the bolt at Ever despite Ever's protests that he should just give him a bolt. Ever managed to stop the bolt from hitting him normally. He scratched himself and fell asleep.

Eross then puts the bag on his head as a hat, damages his head with the tips of the bolts, and falls unconscious.

KU-RO put up a wall of blades between their group and the Banshee. Jova readied his huge doublehanded battle axe. KU-RO told to Jova to "hold here" behind the wall of blades. He then went over to Eross to perform first aid.

Kyu used the Dreamscape Hijack ritual to join the others in the dream. As he casted the ritual, Vorossus moved ever so slightly from in front of Jova to in front of Kyu. The banshee, also, seemed to take notice of Kyu.

Kyu pulled the three of them into Ever's dream. But then he felt like they've woken up. It felt like they are in the same place, although Kyu knew that the dreamscape hijack had succeeded. Even KU-RO saw the others seem to wake up. Only Ever felt like the range of his powers had been enhanced.

The banshee smiled and clapped, having taken notice of the party, saying, "We're going to play a game after all!"


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