Oli Mayor (olifhar) wrote,
Oli Mayor

questions about communication, being, perspective, identity

[Answer whatever you care to, in whatever way you'd like. This isn't for anything in particular.]

  • What part of being with people you like do you enjoy the most?

  • What makes you feel loved?

  • How do you best receive others' love and concern for you?

  • What kind of experiences are easier for you to enjoy alone?

  • What about your experience do other people just not *get*?

  • Which do you remember more vividly: your dreams or your daydreams?

  • If you read fiction, do you visualize the what's going on? Do you see the faces of characters?

  • What aspects of dreams (events, colors, shapes, emotional sensations, plots) of dreams do you recall most readily?

  • What aspects of your distant memories do you tend to recall most readily or vividly (when they come to you)?

  • Do you have a strong image of the kind of person you are?

  • Do you have a strong image (positive or negative) of the kind of person something makes you think you should be?

  • Do you enjoy keeping secrets?

  • Does talk about everyday things usually strike you as superficial, or pleasant?

Thanks for your thoughts!

Photo _幻滅重生的華麗心事。 by eliot. on Flickr. Photos san francisco skyline with cars and last light/flight by Elijah Nouvelage on Flickr. Last one by me.
Tags: communication, emotions, identity, love, madness, mirror, perspective, questionnaire

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